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The guys enjoy some pre-Turkey Day merryment and discuss the "Sockumentary", if Batman would sleep with a Kardashian-esque celebrity, and other timeless treasures in this thrilling episode of WCBJ RADIO - "Babyface Gets Kind of Creepy"!

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Your favorite neighborhood comic shop crew is joined by artist John Broglia and creator/writer Michael Sarrao to discuss their new book "Unmasked"!

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The CBJ crew are joined by special guest Ron Neal (don't worry, you're not necessarily supposed to know his name. He's not famous..yet!)

They also take time to discuss a very real and important community topic: Staten Island and the Hurricane Sandy Relief work they're accomplishing and promoting.

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The gang (and listener!) gets to know a little more about behind-the-scenes expert Steve aka Satan. Things get pretty horrible and disgusting so listener beware and make sure only mature audiences are within earshot. Enjoy!

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