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The WCBJ Crew would like to wish you all a happy and healthy holiday this Thanksgiving!

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Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was a show that featured a captive human and a couple of sarcastic robots watching horrible B movies while making snarky comments. Some might say WCBJ Radio is a lot like that, except there's no robots...or B movies...and it doesn't take place in a theater on board a satellite in the middle of outer space...

Other than that, they are IDENTICAL! No matter, tune into this week's spell-binding episode of WCBJ Radio, Episode 129 - "Mystery Comic Book Theatre"!

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It's NYCC time again, and all East Coast comic fans rejoice! Let's tune in to see what our intrepid WCBJ crew thinks as cosplayers and comic hoarders swarm the Javits Center!

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